There are hundreds of choices of Incontinence Products on the market designed to help you manage incontinence.

While a wide variety of options is better than no choice at all, the sheer volume of types and brands of incontinence supplies is enough to make your head spin. As if the variety of choices wasn’t confusing enough, figuring out where to get the best deal on your supplies can be an outright headache.

Incontinence Guide reviews the most popular adult incontinence products and incontinence suppliers on the market and scours the web for the best deals so you can be sure you get the best solution at the best price.

Types of Incontinence Products

The type of incontinence product you are looking for likely depends on the type of incontinence from which you are suffering. The following are the most common types of incontinence products and a description of the types of incontinence to which they apply.

Adult Diapers

Adult diapers are the most widely used form of incontinence product. They are produced by the biggest names in incontinence care such as Tena, Always, Poise, Depend and Tranquility.

Since the idea of wearing a diaper isn’t very appealing to most adults, they are also referred to as protective underwear or briefs. You’ll also find them called incontinence panties and in some cases, as a branded name by the manufacturer.

There are different types of incontinence underwear including overnight and fitted briefs with tabs, pull-on underwear, and belted underwear. Another choice is simply washable underwear that is reusable and designed with a waterproof lining. These can be quite cost effective versus disposables, but are only advisable for light incontinence issues.

Incontinence Pads & Liners

Incontinence pads and liners are the next most common choice for incontinence care. They can be used for management of both light and heavy urinary and bowel incontinence. These are a popular way to minimize minor stress incontinence and OAB issues.

Incontinence Wipes & Cloths

Incontinence wipes or cloths are what we usually think of as being ‘baby wipes’. They can be used for cleaning up after an accident and in cases where reaching a restroom isn’t possible.

Bedding Protection

Waterproof bed pads and underpads can be useful if your type of incontinence is leading to accidents at night while you sleep, either unknowingly or from an inability to get to the bathroom.

Bedpans & Portable Urinals

If you simply cannot make it to the proper facilities, then you likely are in need of a bedpan or urinal to keep near to you at all times.