What is Overflow Urinary Incontinence?

Overflow incontinence is one type of urinary incontinence. The condition involves an unintentional urination from an overfull bladder. While it is typically a small amount that is leaked, it can be uncomfortable and embarrassing in the least. In more serious cases, it may also lead to urinary tract infections from the bacteria that remains in the bladder. If you are wetting the bed at night or even wetting yourself during the day without warning, it is likely you are suffering from overflow. This type of incontinence more commonly affects men due to the enlargement of the prostate, but also occurs in women.

Overflow Incontinence Causes

The most common cause of overflow incontinence in men is an enlarged prostate or tumor. The prostate or tumor blocks the successful flow of urine, resulting in an incomplete emptying of the bladder.

Overflow Incontinence Symptoms

The main symptom of overflow incontinence is unintentional urination due in part to an overfull bladder. Typically small amounts of urine are leaked. In many cases, there will be no urge to urinate proceeding the event. Not knowing when the leak will strike can make it a frustrating affair. Also associated with overflow incontinence is having small amounts of urine involuntarily released, especially right after urination.

Overflow Incontinence Treatment

Males with an enlarged prostate may try medications that can relax the urethra using an alpha-adrenergic blocker….

Although treatment for overflow can be onerous, males with an enlarged prostate may try medications that can relax the urethra using an alpha-adrenergic blocker. This allows urine to more successfully travel from the bladder. Before treatment, you will need to visit a doctor who can test you for the condition. Common tests include a bladder stress test, catheterization to check for left over urine and a urinalysis. Another option would be to manage the leakage with adult diapers and underwear, incontinence pads or panties. While this won’t stop the source of the leaks it can help to keep you comfortable and confident so that overflow incontinence doesn’t stop you from doing the things you love to do.